囉-箘 新村:滯留村中駐村計畫展

展期  Date | 2020/02/09 Sun. - 3/1 Sun.
時間 Time | 14:00 P. M - 20: 00 P. M
*星期一休息 close on monday

開幕茶會 Opening | 2020/02/09 Sun 17:00 P. M

地址 Address|8c, Jalan Panggong, City Centre, 50000
Kuala Lumpur. 馬來西亞,吉隆坡

電話 TEL|+60 19-683 8397 +60 16-663 9438

Kampung Logeen: Stranded in Kampung

The word “Village” could refer to the meaning of a settlement or an assembly of a commonwealth whether directly or indirectly. Kampung Logeen refers to three artists who were concentrated in their field without working together before. They gathered and form into an aggregate in the smallest unit, linger and stay in different places in Kuala Lumpur within this 29 days and trying to collage and piece up this city with their observation and both familiar and unfamiliar feelings towards the city.

Fang Wei Wen chooses the word “Kampung” as the keyword for his artwork. He uses the abstract concept of “settlement”, to show out the different unit and spaces of a Kampung (Village). This Kampung doesn’t refer to anything figurative but tended to direct to the aggregate and restricting of different level of spaces in the world. He uses his observation of the extend and transformation of Malaysian Chinese culture and his experience of living in Petaling Street area, transform the text into one of the elements to create site specific installation and works on paper.

Hsiu Hui came out a story draft, the embryo of the script has three acts, the main character is a “walking monument”, the details of the story require participants of audience to continue and finish it. According to the story, the monument meets the audience during its trip, the cross dimension meets up add variable into the story.

Jia Xin keeps her live flowing in recent years. She born in Tainan, Taiwan, she often self-occupied as a southerner. But while she came to Kuala Lumpur - a more southern place, she felt anxious and confused during her adjustment process but found out another daily routine and balance during her residency period. She found out that plant is a group that witnessed the changes of human culture and history and they are the easiest local that we can get close to. Therefore she chooses plants as her element, attempt to do some exercise and collage with her feelings and impression during her residency period.

囉-箘 新村:滯留村中駐村計畫展
「村」可以具體的指涉聚落,也能指共同體的直接或間接集結,囉-箘 新村 指的是三位從未一起共同工作卻又不同專注領域的藝術工作者,以三人(方偉文、廖修慧、陳佳欣)為新的集結體,作為最小的聚集單位,在29天內停留於吉隆坡的各處,透過駐村期間的許多參訪與日常觀察及熟悉陌生感,拼貼與輪廓出對於此城市的各自片段感受與作品。
方偉文將「村」 (Kampung)作為駐村作品的關鍵詞,用集合的抽象聚落,去呈現一個「村」中的各個不同單位空間,這個村並不指涉任何的具象單元,傾向是一個世界中空間差異單位的集合與重組、大小與層級不同的場所,居住在唐人街區陌生又熟悉的日常經驗,觀察街區華人文化展現的衍生與變異,反將文字成為造型操作的裝置元素之一,成為現地製作的裝置及紙上作品;廖修慧則生產了一個劇本草案,劇本雛形一共三個段落,主角是一個會「走路的紀念碑」,細節需要來訪的觀眾參與書寫並繼續完整完成,劇本中紀念碑所遇的現場觀眾將使故事產生了變形和增添,關於可走路、有腳「紀念碑」的碰撞旅途,文字及裝置的劇本草案;陳佳欣近年讓自己處於不斷移動的生活狀態,生在臺灣臺南,對她來說,慣以南方自居的自己,在來到相對更南方的吉隆坡的適應過程及差異感受,焦慮面對自我的迷茫,反而在吉隆坡駐村的過程中,找到自己的另一種日常與平衡的嘗試。她認為植物是一個見證人類文化變化的群體,也是最容易主動親近且感受的在地對象,在這裡駐村生活的時間所帶來的感受,嘗試進行一些跟植物有關的視覺拼貼及習作。

Artist in Residency_駐村成員介紹:
Residency Duration_駐村時間:13 January - 10 February 2020

方偉文 Fang Wei Wen
Born in Brunei as a first generation of oversea Kimen, Fukien descendant in 1970, went to Chung Hwa Middle School from kinder-garden, started to interested in drawing during middle school because of Hong Kong comics. After finishing high school, decided to go to Taiwan for undergraduate studies in art. Enrolled in TUNGHAI University, Fine Arts Department in 1988. Determined to take on a career in art after graduation in 1993, stayed and worked in Taichung for four years. Moved to Tainan in 1997 for graduate programme at Tainan National University of the Arts, and has been living and worked in Tainan since then.

廖修慧 Liao Hsiu Hui
Graduated from National Cheng Kung University Institute of Arts Studies. After finished her master degree, she worked in an alternative space called Absolute Space for the Arts about a year. Then she's now working as film producer of Your Bros. Filmmaking Group, independent curator, and freelancer in Tainan.

陳佳欣 Chen Jia Xin
Born in Tainan, Taiwan. Graduated from Tainan National University of the Arts. Major in Art History. Interested in the feeling between body and space. Now work as exhibition project specialist and researching artworks and artists. Like milk tea and and sharpening pencils.

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