Artist Talk Sarah Schoderer

Kuala Lumpur / Frankfurt AIR Exchange Program 2019
Goethe-Institut KL / Lostgens contemporary ArtSpace KL
/ Basis Frankfurt .

Artist Statement

I was born in the south of Germany, but i am raised near Frankfurt and in Frankfurt- then i have studied fine arts at the art academies in Frankfurt and Mainz/Germany untill 2011. Since then i am working as a freelancer and i have done art projects in Germany, Kenya, Belgium, Croatia and Tunisia. I am working mainly in the field of painting, but i am also making sculpturs aswell as a few movies. I see myself as a conceptual working artist but with a strong focus on visual forms and especially painting. In my paintings aswell as in my sculpturs i have been reflecting on different aspects of contemporary society: formerly i have criticized the culture of consume in the western society but i also have been interested in beauty ideals aswell as latest i have reflected on the process of painting and creating as such: I have made sculptures out of paintings and then i have created paintings and these objects became the motives/subjects of these paintings.

Specificly about my paintings: i wanted to create a relief-like surface when i use colors. So my works are at the same time paintings but also sculptures „plastics“. Very often the space in the „background“ is dissolved within structures of colors: only the objects create a space or plasticity somehow.

I am not dealing with the „reality“ as such but much more with processes of translations which take place between art and reality. I am not sure wether it is more relevant as to relate directly to reality; to question reality or to document it is not what concerns me too much. I rather deal with reflexions of connections between history and present, between forms of art and life itself, phenomenons of the present which can only be expressed freely through art. I would say i have the ability to really see spaces within colors. i m very much keen to get to know sociological knowledge about people and places i have been or i will be able to visit.

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Date: 21 July 2019
Time: 4pm
Venue: Lostgens' Contemporary Artspace
8c Jalan Panggung
Admission free