CTRL + ____ . A group exhibition

CTRL + ____ . A group exhibition by Emily, Car Chuan, Kah Wah, Yi Henn and Lim Jing.
Exhibition Motive:
Being a fresh grad, we learned a lot about ourselves during our time in college. Which led us to this exhibition as a finale for a part of our live before all of us goes on a different path. For the first time we felt free to do what we are interested in without being controlled and confused. Daily encounters had inspired our works for this exhibition, from discussing personal thinking to everyday problems and rules.

1. Emily Chow Wen Qi (b. 1998, Selangor, Malaysia)

Emily explores different techniques to document the tactility of different materials and incorporate them into the making of her art. She also finds social media interesting where people can be anonymous at the same time have a voice. As she observes anonymous opinion on social media, she found an interest in what people think and how they react differently to things. For her works she tries to interpret the different kind of thinking by combining different kind of methods and material together.

2. Lim Car Chuan (b. 1995, Selangor, Malaysia)

Car Chuan is currently based in Kuala Lumpur. He attended Malaysian Institute of Art and received a Diploma in Fine Art in December 2018. He is interested and is always exploring the perception of time.

3. Lok Kah Wah (b. 1996, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

I work is influenced by the view what I saw with my vision. By using painting mediums, I found it’s challenging and interesting to present my works due to my color weakness.

4. Teo Yi Henn (b. 1998, Johor, Malaysia)

I have been practicing visual art since I started studying Fine Art in Malaysian Institute of Art. I finished my study in December 2018. Most of my works are drawing and painting of my self-portrait. I currently live and work in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

5. Lim Jing (b. 1998, Perak, Malaysia)

Lim Jing is a multidisciplinary artist based in Kuala Lumpur. Their early works mostly discussed about the ownerships and fluidity of identities in living space and cyber space. While they was attempting to coordinate and identify their roles in the society, they started to perceive that people and system are always consuming each other. Such vice versa relation, that ended up aiming nothing but itself like an Ouroboros, has become an aesthetics to them in their recent work.

Date: 6/5/19 - 19/5/19, Close on Mondays
Operating time: 11 AM - 6 PM

Opening on 5th May, 7 PM till midnight
Light refreshment provided