Tuesday, August 21, 2018

DECAYEDJUNGLE a group exhibition by S?&K!&Y?

“decayedjungle”, comes from a theoretic metaphysical concept of being in between states of existence, a transient space where objects are put in a state where it is neither functioning nor decomposing, serving as a tangent part of a whole. This tangent space is represented by site-specific installations within a few spaces of abandon, selected based on the properties and aesthetics of the location and its surroundings.
The constructed theory is then applied to the elements that surround the theme of urban living, whether it be development and demolition, acceptance and alienation or even production and destruction.

Along the city centre, three artists collaborate as a unit to create installation works that embody and interact with forces that come and go within this metaphysical property. These locations with constructed artworks serve as a field of attraction, through its reaction and interaction with the surrounding forces, it display the somewhat ritualistic processes which occur between states of existence.

As an exchange, they collect sounds, objects, documentation and retranslate them into different forms in the exhibition space, as a means to complete the transmission of forces from one space to another.

展覽 “decayedjungle” 源自 “在架構之間找不到棲息地之存在” 的形上學構想。在轉瞬的時空裡,物體存於一種懸置的狀態,即無法發揮本色,亦無法被分解,成為了體系中的偏離之物。這個偏離的時空以裝置藝術結合數個城市內的廢棄空間為元素,並在廢棄空間的選擇上考量了其位置及環境的特殊性。

偏離時空的構想接著延伸至圍繞著都市生活的議題中,無論是發展與拆遷、接納與異化、 抑或是生產與毀滅。沿著城市中心,三位藝術家聯合而為一,在帶有玄意的空間創作作品,讓寄居在空間中的無形能量得以彰顯,藉作品为媒介與那些來了又去的無形能量互動。空間因放置了作品而擁有特定的引力,通過作品與無形能量的互動,得以示出發生在狀態之間帶有儀式性色彩的交流。


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