Thursday, April 20, 2017

AIR_Frankfurt: Open Call for visual artists

Kuala Lumpur and Frankfurt/ Main created a three-month residency exchange program for young Malaysian artists. The residency of the Malysian artist takes place in October, November and December 2017 with project partner Basis e.V. in the city of Frankfurt, Germany.
The project partners are The City of Frankfurt, basis.e.V, Lostgens Contemporary Art Space and the Goethe-Institut Malaysia. The program aims to foster international interaction between Frankfurt and Malaysian artists. The idea is, in the course of three-month artist residencies, for artists from Malaysia and Frankfurt to have an opportunity to attain new artistic input abroad, creating new work and building their international network.

This program is intended for young artists who live and work in Malaysia. The artists should be highly qualified and successful graduates of an art college. To be fluent in English is a further requirement. Applicants are selected by a jury appointed by the relevant city. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
The Residency

The residency program provides the chosen artist with the flight costs, accommodation, a studio and a monthly grant of EUR 1000.

Applicants are selected by a panel of juries appointed by the relevant city. An independent jury awards up to five candidates and proposes them to the partner-city, Frankfurt. The director of the program at the partner-city selects one artist out of the five nominees.

How to Apply
Malaysian artists may apply for the Artist in Residence Program by submitting a detailed
application to Goethe-Institut Malaysia. A complete application consists of:

• A letter of motivation with date and signature
• Artist Bio and CV
• The application form with work samples and a description of site-specific projects, if planned.

Applications need to be handed in by postal service in hard copy as well as digitally via e-mail. Your application is classed as complete only when all accompanying documentation has also arrived.
Postal address and contact:

Goethe Institut Malaysia
Suite 06-07, 6th Floor,
374 Jalan Tun Razak,
Kuala Lumpur, 50400, Malaysia
+60 3-2164 2011
Subject: AIR_Frankfurt-Kuala Lumpur

Application Deadline: 15 June 2017

Application form download:

聲音.結社 - 在黑夜的死寂中歌唱Voice十週年

到現在《Voice》cafe 和《深夜講堂》成為社會發聲器及深耕社區。
Voice, 超越了空间的极限,用音乐与艺术回应土地议题,社会正义及环保课题。

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Friday Night At Lostgens' : Art History Screening

Make your friday night interesting for a change! Fancy Art History viewing the "old school" way? Lostgens contemporary Art Space is screening Art History on VHS tapes on the following dates.

21st April
Andy Warhol
5th May
Joan Miro / Theatre of Dreams

19th May
Max Ernst / Dadaism and Surrealism
2nd June
Jackson Pollock abstract expressionism

16th June
Robert Motherwell & the New York School

All screenings starts at 8PM followed by an informal lecture by KS Yuen (non-art historian)

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

聲音.結社 - 在黑夜的死寂中歌唱Voice十週年.

聲音. 結社 - 在黑夜的死寂中歌唱Voice十週年.

日期: 7-4-2017


將在今年6月4日,VOICE 將在中壢舉辦在黑夜的死寂中歌唱Voice十週年,當天將邀請11組音樂人來現場參與演出.