Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Drawing —> Sculptur

A new workshop by German artist Astrid Köppe,
by now a regular collaborator of the Goethe Institut.

The workshop is going to examine the relationship between drawing and sculpture & installation and look at possible transformations of 2D- towards 3D-techniques.

In the first part on Saturday, Astrid Köppe will talk about her own experience of developing 3D-artworks that have their starting point in drawing as well as introduce positions of other artists who work in the field. Afterwards the participants will have the opportunity to try out a few of these approaches for themselves, discuss their ideas and develop own concepts for the construction of lines in a 3D space.

We will start and end rather early that day to give participants some time in the afternoon to research and procure own materials for the second part of the workshop.

On Sunday we will go through the materials brought in by the participants and discuss their plans. The next 3-4 hours will be devoted to developing new artworks while employing and adapting the methods we studied earlier.

Astrid Köppe will be working on a piece herself and be there for advice and debate throughout. The event will be concluded by a final presentation of the works.

The workshop is aimed mainly at art students and young artists, but anyone interested in the subject and with at least a basic drawing knowledge is most welcome to take part.

Date & Time:
Saturday 12 (sat) March 2016 , 10 am - 2 pm
Sunday, 13 (sun) March 2016 , 1 am- 5 pm

Lostgens’ contemporary art space
8c, Jalan Panggung
50000 Kuala Lumpur

Register :
Workshop fee : Rm 50 for 2 day
Email: lostgens@gmail.com
Fb: : Lostgens
H/p : 0196838397