Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Other's Words ~ Video installation by Chan Lai Kuen

“There can be no such thing as an isolated utterance. It always presupposes utterances that precede and follow it. No one utterance can be either the first or the last. Each is only a link in the chain, and none can be studied outside this chain. Among utterances there exist relations that cannot be defined in either mechanistic or linguistic categories. They have no analogues.”- Mikhail Bakhtin

Exhibition Opening : 9 January 2016 (Sat ) 8pm
Performance : 9 January 2016 (Sat) 8.30pm
Artist sharing ( with Dutch cheese ) : 10 January 2016 (Sun) 4pm

Exhibition : 9 January (Sat) ­- 22 January 2016 (Fri)
Space opening hour : 2pm – 7pm, Closed on Monday

Artist Talk

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