Sunday, September 6, 2015

Madline2.0 馳續逕行~ Solo Exhibition by Eddie Choo

Madline2.0 馳續逕行~ Solo Exhibition by Eddie Choo

Opening 12 Sept 2015 ( Sat ) 19:00
Exhibition :12 ­~ 25 Sept 2015
Space opening hour:13:00 – 19:00, Closed on Monday
Venue:Lostgens Contemporary Art Space
8c, Jln Panggung, 3rd floor, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

"I draw what i see when I drive where I go how I think who I am"
The artist apprehends that leaving behind the familiar place inevitability leads to a new voyage. The disorientation of streets, ports and the alleys fancy a river that drift towards endless ocean of uncertainties.
A voyage has two opposing points - the beginning and the end respectably. Suppose a voyage is just a fictitious space-time, the sceneries end at the point where the traveller arrived. The numbers of sceneries dictates the numbers of junctions. The possibilities of the end route are vast.
In “Madline 2.0”, the artist continues her voyage from the pervious exhibition “Diary of Madlines”. The artworks are expressed using basic elements of dots, lines and plane. The random yet mechanical qualities of drawings convey the traces of the artist’s voyage of life. The traveling lines and the impressed dots made up to the idea of endless route.
Madlines—being swift yet direct, tirelessly travelling towards the other side…
Text by Eddie

Artist bio
Eddie Choo, a Malaysian born artist that graduated from Fine Art program in Dasein Academy of Art, Malaysia. She is currently furthering her studies in Taipei National University of the Arts. Eddie participated in 2013 artist residency by Lostgen Contemporary Art Space where she held a solo exhibition that titled: “Diary of Madline.” In year 2015, she was one of the recipients of Outstanding art prize by Taipei National University of the Arts. The artworks were presented in the group-exhibition held in KdMoFA (Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts) under the titled “This is Not a Poisoned Apple”

身在异乡的我,馳線直情徑行 ,朝著線的另一端徑直奔去。


文 / Eddie Like

藝術家簡介: 朱雯儀 Eddie Choo Wen Yi

Philippine documentary film screening

Date:     8 September 2015
Time :   8:00 pm
Venue : Lostgens'

 1. "Typhoon Haiyan Mission"
    by anarchist activist

2. "Art, Ecology,Resistance a street demonstration  Prepared
     presented by Etniko Bandido Info shop (Philippines)

Date: 8 September 2015
Time: 8:00 pm

Will having discussion section after screening
with Chris and Juey, who are involve with progressive environmental anti-authoritarian scene

Free admission,
Donation are welcome