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Experimental Media Art Festival in Taiwan 2015( EX!T 6 )
【居所與他方:影像測量計劃 】 區秀詒個展
EX!T 6 第六屆台灣國際實驗媒體藝術展 台北-吉隆坡

Curator: Guo Jau-Lan (Taiwan)

Habitation and Elsewhere is a measurement project that treats images as the instrument and the psychological geography of Malaysia (the birthplace of the artist) as the orientation. On the imaginary path to modernization, the unquestioned spiritual dimension and geographical boundaries within Asia are reassessed in the form of images.

Habitation and Elsewhere seeks to address the following issues that interweave aesthetics with the reality. Firstly, many Asian regions are confronted with various problems concerning migration and implosion on their path to modernization. How should contemporary art respond to, investigate, and challenge these problems and thereby negotiate for a new boundary of Asia? Secondly, is it possible for artistic practice to rejuvenate a system and further subvert and reimagine the political structure on which the system is based? Thirdly, in terms of image and locality, in what way can art deal with images or perpetuate the tradition of images provided that art produces neither “reality” nor “truth”? Fourthly, how can such kind of artistic production respond to the reality, particularly the reality in places having long-standing folklore and folk beliefs? Fifthly, in terms of image and rights, Hito Steyerl has pointed out that “documentality is the pivotal point, where forms of documentary truth production turn into government—or vice versa.” In other words, the production of images dominates contemporary media. How can artists utilize media images to unveil or criticize the instruments of power manipulation and media propaganda?

Image machines and tools were once assigned the task of measuring in the long history of implements. Treating images as the point of departure, Habitation and Elsewhere tries to transform the instrument of measuring into that of calling for action. The term “measuring” usually refers to constructing the profile of things with a modularized mechanism. However, the measuring with images as the instrument in Habitation and Elsewhere is carried out by treating the artist’s own body as the reference coordinates, which removes the sham objective observation and posture between the artist and the objects being measured. This approach further turns the artist herself and the landscape of her cultural imagination into the objects to be measured. This project thus attempts to extend and enrich the connotation of “image,” particularly that of those flickering after-images lingering in our consciousness in the course of modernization.

Artist Profile: Au Sow-Yee (Malaysia)
Au Sow-Yee was born and grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, she now lives and work in Taipei, Taiwan. Graduated from Chinese Culture University (Taiwan) majored in theatre arts and attained her M.F.A degree from San Francisco Art Institute (U.S.A). She is currently a graduate student in the Graduate School of New Media Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts. Her works concentrated mainly on two directions, one is the continue interest in image making mechanism, creating live cinema performance using self-made mechanism and mechanical film projectors. Second is to question, explore as well as expand the relation between images, image making, politics and power, through video installation and other mediums. Sow-Yee’s works were exhibited in official selection of Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul (ExiS), Bangkok Experimental Film and Video Festival, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Centre (U.S.A), New York Squeeky Wheels Video Festivaland etc. She was invited to present a live cinema performance Songlines in the 2009 Guling Street International Little Theatre Arts Festival, live cinema performance Silence in the 2010 Taiwan International Documentary Festival. She was the programmer for the 2010 and 2011 KLEX (Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film and Video Festival) and has also collaborated with various theatre companies in Macau, Malaysia and Taiwan as multimedia designer. In 2015, Sow-Yee is invited by Taipei Contemporary Art Center for a two years collaboration project, for creating a commissioned work.

Curator’s Profile: Guo Jau-Lan (Taiwan)
Guo Jau-lan is an independent curator and art critic based in Taipei. She received her doctorate in Western art history in 2006, with a primary research interest in how the American critiques constructed its anti- modernism postmodern art theory through an interpretation of Robert Rauschenberg and the American Neo-Dada art movement. As an Adjunct Associate Professor, Guo teaches Modern Art and Contemporary Art at MFA Program in New Media Art and Graduate Institute of Trans-disciplinary Arts, Taipei National University of Arts. Her curatorial involvement began in 2006, with a focus on the cultural praxis of image、visual culture and Sound Art. She has curated numerous exhibitions including Polyphonic Mosaic: CO6 Avant-Garde Documenta (National Taiwan Museum of Arts, Taichung, Taiwan, 2006), Nostalgia for Future (2009, Taichung), Somnambulism: Phantasmagoric Fugue (Taipei, 2010), Paradise: Under RE- Construction (ISCP, New York, 2011), and Taiwanese Contemporary Art (TCA Project) (ISCP, New York, 2011), How Can I Tell You Who I Am?(Spain, 2012), Melancholy in Progress, The 3rd Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition at Hong-Gah Museum of Taipei (Co-curated with Amy Cheng , Taipei, 2012), 2015 Experimental Media Arts Festival in Taiwan: Habitation and Elsewhere(Taipei and Kuala Lumpur, 2015),Between Islands(Spain, 2015),Sound Exercise (Taipei , 2015).Jau-Lan Guo is the translator of the traditional Chinese version “Art Power” by Boris Groys.
1-23 August 2015
13:00 – 19:00, Closed on Monday
Lostgens’ Contemporary Art Space
8, Jalan Panggung, 3rd floor, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Opening Reception
1st August 2015 (Saturday) 19:00

Exhibition Opening Talk
2nd August 2015 (Sunday) 19:30

No.8, 4th Floor, Jalan Panggong, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Moderator: Yap Saubin

Guo Jau-Lan
Curator, Adjunct Associate Professor, Taipei National University of Arts
Habitation and Elsewhere: Image as Instrument

Sing Song-Yong
Head, Tainan National University of the Arts Graduate Institute of Animation and Film Arts
History, People, Space: Some Tendencies in Contemporary Moving Image

Yap Saubin
Specialist, Faculty of Creative Multimedia, Multimedia University / member of Rumah Air Panas art society
Conversing/Locating/Weaving an Imaginary Non-Lanscape (Or Seascape?)

Au Sow-Yee
Reconstructing Image: Mengkerang as Method

(For media contact: Khor 014-9516863)

策展人:郭昭蘭 (台灣)


「居所與他方」試圖處理下列幾個貫穿在美學與現實之間的課題。1.亞洲不同區域在現代化的過程中,面對著各種區域移動、與內爆的種種處境,當代藝術的實踐如何回應、探問、質疑、進而重新協商其邊界?2.藝術的實踐有否可能重新活化一個系統,並對它所面對的政治現實的結構進行顛覆與在想像?3.影像與地方:如果藝術生產的不是「現實」與「真理」的話,藝術可以如何處理影像或繼承影像的傳統?4.這樣的生產如何回應現實,特別是在那些擁有豐富民間傳說與地方信仰的地方?5.影像與權利:Hito Steyerl曾指出,「紀錄性」即是政府跟真理生產匯聚點的影像使用。 影像的生產在當代媒體佔有主導地位。藝術家如何使用媒體影像,來揭示或者批判權力操弄的工具或是利用媒體作為宣傳的工具。


藝術家簡介: 區秀詒(馬來西亞)
區秀詒,出生長大於馬來西亞,畢業自文化大學戲劇系, 舊金山藝術學院(San Francisco Art Institute)電影研究所,目前就讀於台北藝術大學新媒體藝術研究所。區秀詒主要 的創作方向分成兩部分,一是對影像生成機製的關注,以 機 械 式 電 影 放 映 機 而 作 的 現 場 電 影 ( Performative Cinema)。二是以錄像、觀念、裝置等混合形式,探討和 擴延影像與影像製造以及政治、權力之間的關係。 作品曾在韓國首爾國際實驗電影節、曼谷實驗電影節、美國 Hallwalls 當代藝術中心 、 紐約 2011Squeeky Wheels 錄像展、台灣國際紀錄片雙年展、牯嶺街國際小劇場藝術節等發表。她同時也是 2010 和 2011 KLEX 吉隆坡國際實驗電影與錄像節選片人,並和多個馬來西亞、澳門以及台灣 的劇團合作擔任演出多媒體影像設計。區秀詒於2015年獲台北當代藝術中心委托創作新作品,進行兩年的創作合作計劃。

策展人簡介: 郭昭蘭(台灣)
郭昭蘭,獨立策展人暨藝評,目前生活和工作於台灣台北 ,為台北藝術大學新媒體藝術研究所與藝術跨領域研究所 兼任副教授,主要教授 20 世紀後的視覺藝術與當代藝術專 題。郭昭蘭是 2014 與 2015 年度台新藝術獎的提名人,也是哈柏安身體藝術實驗室(HUB A)的計畫主持人,致力 策展與當代藝術研究。2006 年郭昭蘭取得西洋藝術史博士,主要研究美國評論如何透過詮釋羅森柏格(Robert Rauschenberg)與美國新達達藝術,以建構其反 現代主義 版本的後現代藝術理論。2006 年起郭昭蘭開始以策展形式 發表,主要關注聲音藝術、影像與視覺文化相關的文化實 踐。她策畫過的展覽包括:〈2015EX!T 台灣國際實驗媒體 藝術展〉、〈前衛吃錯藥〉(台北,2015)、〈裂隙 島嶼 〉(西班牙,2015)、第三屆台灣國際錄像藝術展〈憂鬱 的進步〉(與鄭慧華共同策畫,台北,2012)、〈How Can I Tell You Who I Am?〉(西班牙,2012)、〈台灣當代藝術(TCA 計畫)〉(紐 約,2011)、〈樂園:重建中〉(紐約,2011)、〈離魂症:幻影神遊者〉(台北, 2010)、〈未來的鄉愁〉(台中,2009)、〈複音馬賽克〉(共同策畫,台中國美館 ,2006)等。2011 年郭昭蘭獲得文化部視覺暨表演藝術人才出國駐村及交流計畫補助 ,前往紐約 ISCP,進行策展人駐村計畫。譯作有葛羅伊斯(Boris Groys)的「藝術力 」(Art Power)。


2015年8月1日-23日 (週二-週日 13:00 – 19:00)
8, Jalan Panggung, 3rd floor, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

展覽開幕:2015年8月1日(星期六) 19:00

地點:無限發掘 FINDARS
No.8, 4th Floor, Jalan Panggong, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia




Organized by Body Phase Studio (Taiwan)
Co-organized by Image-Movement (Taiwan), Guling Street Avant-Garde Theatre (Taiwan), Hub A (Taiwan), Lostgens’ Contemporary Art Space (Malaysia)
Sponsored by Ministry of Culture (R.O.C.), The National Culture and Arts Foundation (R.O.C), Department of Cultural Affairs Taipei City Government
Supported by Krishen Jit Astro Fund
Equipment supported by: Audio Technica, Deck Lab
Media Partners:Promethean Fire Review, No Man’s Land

主辦:身體氣象館 (台灣)
合辦: 影像-運動電影協會、牯嶺街小劇場、哈柏安身體藝術實驗室、Lostgens’ 當代藝術空間
器材贊助:Audio Technica, BenQ, Deck Lab

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Ashes of time 告白.告別 ~ 灰燼之後 Solo Exhibition by Chong Yi Lin


如尼采在《查拉图斯特拉如是说 》寫道: “你必须想要把你自己在你自己的火里烧死:如果你不先烧成灰,你怎能希望成为新人!”



2015 Lostgens' Residency project