Thursday, July 24, 2014

刻舟求剑 - Pulau Melayu - Lost and Found

Introduction 展览简介 :

刻舟求剑 - Pulau Melayu - Lost and Found features recent art works by 4 cross disciplinary Malaysian artists: Chong Kim Chiew, Liew Kwai Fei, Low Yi Chin and Minstrel Kuik Ching Chieh, whose work include painting, printmaking, photography, installation, video and writing.

It is less exciting to define the meaning of contemporary art in Malaysia than to make it happen. By doing so, the four artists took the initiative to group and work together, guiding by their admiration and respect for individual artistic practice. Despite doubts, delays and distractions in between times, the clarity and inspiration of making art have finally come to rendezvous. The group exhibition aims to connect with its audience through a rich, emotive and layered perspective developed by each artist along the years, in co-related topics engendered by local contexts existing in the Malaysian society.

Due to the quota system implanted by the ethnic policy in Malaysia, the four Malaysian artists who were born in the 70’s of the last century were either trained in local private colleges or/and overseas during their tertiary education. Their diverse educational background and hybrid experiences are later transformed into a personal and unique visual language in their artistic expression in order to resist nation building and to participate actively in the transformation of the society.

The group exhibition “刻舟求剑 - Pulau Melayu - Lost and Found” is self-curated and will be showing at Lostgens’, an independent art space which has been fighting for free expression, coexistence of ethnicity, social and cultural values in Malaysia. By doing so, the artists wish to create more in-depth dialogue that is vital to nurture the pluralism, not simply in the local art scene, but also in our country.

Exhibition : 2014/8/2 - 2014/8/30
Opening : 2014/8/2. 8pm
Location : Lostgens' contemporary art space (8c, Jalan panggong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Opening hour : 1pm - 6 pm(Monday Closed)

今年8月,Lostgens’艺术家自主空间将展出【刻舟求剑 - Pulau Melayu - Lost and Found】,分别由四位本地艺术家张锦超、廖贵辉、刘宜振与郭静洁自主策展的多元形式創作,其中包括绘画、版画、攝影、影像、装置、文字等,呈现当代艺术多元敘述和跨界的可能性。作品内容凝视现下社会的错綜复杂,彼此重叠与交互纠纏的面向,借此建立作品与观者之间多维度的连接。

展览名称选择以三种语言呈现,分别为“刻舟求剑” 、“Pulau Melayu”与“Lost and Found”,不同的字义和语言,涵盖展览主题的不同面向与思考脉络。


展览由四位艺术家自主策划,经过不断交流和沟通,有別於商业画廊的运作模式,脱开策展人策展的论述,让艺术家重新掌握话语权。【刻舟求剑 - Pulau Melayu - Lost and Found】在 Lostgens’艺术家自主空间展出,艺术家回应对该空间历来所提倡透过艺术做跨界,跨族的平等交流的支持,同时也展现了体制外,异质的生命力。

展期 : 2014/8/2 - 2014/8/30
地点 : Lostgens' contemporary art space (8c, Jalan panggong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
开幕 : 2014/8/2. 8pm
开放时间 : 1pm - 6 pm(星期一休息) - pulau-melayu-lost-and-found-sebuah-pameran-seni-di-ruang-lostgens 

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