Saturday, July 12, 2014

Lostgens' July artist residency Arson Ong Chun Wen

Arson Ong Chun Wen
Born in 1990 and graduated from Dasein Academy of Art , He passionate in cross disciplinary art including drawing, painting, installation and performance. He have been taking part in exhibitions and performance art regularly. Besides,  Arson also run an art space with artist friends to educate children in art making.  


Artist statement

My vulnerable health condition since young prodded me to think about the meaning of bodily existence. Thus, I fondly observe human’s body language in daily live and in dance that consciously and subconsciously connected with social and political issues. In my studio practice, I am interest in the relationship between our bodies, objects and their surrounding environment.

The process of my work caught up with the changes and possibilities available in drawing, painting and performances. It captures the language of drawing and performance and connects them together. It is through the multifaceted body and emotions that I could continue to tell my story.

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