Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Artist Talk, Q & A by Susanne Bosch

Susanne Bosch works predominantly with and in public. Her work addresses long-term questions around ideas of democracy. Bosch has taken on issues of money, migration, survival, work, societal visions, and models of participation. She formally uses site- and situation-specific interventions, installations, video, drawing, audio, dialogical work, but also writing, speaking, workshops, seminars and Open Space Technology.

From 2007-2012, she developed and led the Art in Public programme together with artist Dan Shipsides. She works internationally on two projects in public space, examples are City(Re)searches (in Cork, Derry, Kaunas and Rotterdam, 2012-2013) and Jericho – beyond the celestial and terrestrial in the series of City Exhibitions, Birzeit Museum, (West Bank, Palestine, 2012-13). Susanne is also co-editor and editor of publications. She will give some examples of her previous work and give hopefully enough spice for a “hot” debate!

Susanne Bosch is here in Kuala Lumpur as artist in residence from March until June. The residency is organized in cooperation between Lostgens and Goethe-Institut Malaysia .

    2011, Learning form the freegans in NY

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