Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Artist Talk, Q & A by Susanne Bosch

Susanne Bosch works predominantly with and in public. Her work addresses long-term questions around ideas of democracy. Bosch has taken on issues of money, migration, survival, work, societal visions, and models of participation. She formally uses site- and situation-specific interventions, installations, video, drawing, audio, dialogical work, but also writing, speaking, workshops, seminars and Open Space Technology.

From 2007-2012, she developed and led the Art in Public programme together with artist Dan Shipsides. She works internationally on two projects in public space, examples are City(Re)searches (in Cork, Derry, Kaunas and Rotterdam, 2012-2013) and Jericho – beyond the celestial and terrestrial in the series of City Exhibitions, Birzeit Museum, (West Bank, Palestine, 2012-13). Susanne is also co-editor and editor of publications. She will give some examples of her previous work and give hopefully enough spice for a “hot” debate!

Susanne Bosch is here in Kuala Lumpur as artist in residence from March until June. The residency is organized in cooperation between Lostgens and Goethe-Institut Malaysia .

    2011, Learning form the freegans in NY

Monday, April 14, 2014

Artist talk: MY STORY photo project: through the eyes of the Thai/Burma community..

Talk by Nathaniel Tileston and Susan Tileston ( Canada )

Moderator : Susanne Bosch 

After studying at the Art Institute of Chicago, Nathaniel Tileston moved to New York City where he worked as a professional photographer from 1976 until 1982. He worked mainly in dance and theatre; some of his work is in the permanent collection of the Whitney Museum of Modern Art, New York City. He also worked for the Soho Weekly News, photographing downtown dance and performance. His work has been featured in the New York Times and many international dance and theatre publications.

Susan Tileston left her career as a Montessori teacher in 1976 to travel to Japan, where she bought a Nikon and fell in love with taking pictures. On returning to New York City, she decided to break into the world of professional photography. It so happened that Nat was looking for an assistant at the time; a mutual friend introduced them, and the rest is history! Susan worked in the darkroom, eventually stepping out to photograph musicians, visual artists, and writers.

In 1982, Nat and Susan moved to the oldest town in Canada, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. There they ran a bed & breakfast for 16 years, while Nat photographed for Parks Canada and Susan served as executive director of the Annapolis Region Community Art Center, an artist-run space. Since 2006, they have divided their time between Nova Scotia and the Thai/Burma border.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lostgens' German residency artist ~ Susanne Bosch

Residency duration 23 March - 17 June 2014

Susanne Bosch

born in 1967, Wesel, Germany.
Susanne Bosch is an artist, art based researcher and teaches. She achieved a PhD about her public artwork in 2012. From 2007-2012, she developed and led the Art in Public master programme at the University of Ulster in Belfast together with Dan Shipsides. She works predominantly in public and on long-term questions, which tackle creative arguments around the ideas of democracy. Works include among other things issues around money, migration, surviving, work, societal visions and participation models. She formally uses site- and situation-specific interventions, installations, video, drawing, audio, dialogic work, in addition formats such as writing, speaking, listening, workshops, seminars and Open Space conferences. She is a trained Open Space facilitator (2008) and trained in conflict analysis and - management (2004). Susanne works internationally on exhibitions and projects.  
Artist website: