Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Artist talk : Busan Indie art space AGIT

Indie space AGIT

Nonprofit organization, Search for and carry out the organization's activation and development methods based on subculture. Setup a sustainable network beyond the boundaries of nationality, ethnicity and religion. Support cultural art activities of culture and social organization. Operate the facilities: gallery, atelier, practice room, recording studio, guesthouse, etc. which supports subculture artist. Running artist in residence program for independent art.


Kun Woo - director of independent art festival " Zero Festival "
The nature people, culture which arises from the relations of the people and community where all the nature, people, culture can be deep-rooted and stand up. Kun woo want to express with subcultures, representative of culture action "Jaminan Boksu" ( Funny Revenge) representative of indie culture space "AGIT".

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