Thursday, March 13, 2014

Talk & Performance by artist from Myanmar art space - New zero art spac


Nora was born in Dawae, the southern part of Myanmar in 1990. She started her art study at New Zero Art Space in 2009 and she lives and works in Yangon. She is one of the young talented artists who already participated not only at the exhibitions, art fairs and festivals, also in some international events. She also organized Southeast Asia art Exchange program “Gender under Reflection” with the woman artists from Southeast Asia countries in Yangon in 2012. She deals with different kinds of media like photography, video, installation, painting and yet performance art. As a young artist like her age, she strongly expresses her artistic creations upon social and political situations by her own opinion. Most of her works of artistic creations are related to human rights, child rights and political issues of the country.

Yin Nan Wai

The young, woman artist, Yin Nan Wai started her art practice at New Zero Art Space since 2009. She was born in Yangon in 1982 and now she lives and works in Yangon. She mostly focus on painting and she also deal with other mediums like photography, video and installation. Most of her works are related to her individual livelihood experiences with her family and a woman life in the restricted community. She already participated in several group exhibitions, art fairs and festivals in Yangon, Myanmar.


Thyitar was born in Yangon in 1988. She is working as multidisciplinary artist. She finished her art study at New Zero Art Space in 2009. Since then, she already participated in several group exhibitions, festivals and other art related events in Myanmar. As her foreign participation, her works once has been exhibited in France Art Exhibition in France in 2011. She is also one of the coordinators of New Zero working group and also the editor of monthly New Wave art and literature magazine. The young woman artist, she approaches individual perception upon feminism and religious issues and composes her opinions to the artistic creations.

对缅甸的印像是人政权, 女民主斗士,僧人上街示威。。。。。

甸的艺术工作者也是人政府查及督的象,艺术工作者因为创作的作品而被局投身监狱。熟悉艺术圈的朋友曾近说过甸画展 ,画家必一支黑色的 Marker pen, 为开幕前有官来进查,如果得某一作品有政治不正确,就必拿下,然后传单上的作品照片以 Marker pen 涂黑!

样的一个作受到高度监视环境下也促使了,向往自由作的艺术工作者做出相对应变。而5060年代起于洲的艺术 为艺术Performance art 成了他的另一种艺术表达的出口,一些艺术工作者平常画景水彩画,下一秒身就成了前的行为艺术家,然有时这样做也逃不无所不艺术审 查。

不同于画或雕塑的构成方式,行为艺术需具四个件即 时间,地,行为艺术者的身体,及现场观众。 为艺术调过程意,及艺术创作自由,同也有某一些是注重众的与,甚至一起共同经历创作的程。然而行为艺术也有只能存下的时间局限,程也可以用记录,但是却失去了现场感。其某个程度也成了艺术审核上面及追究上的挑

年,昂山素姬的放政局的改甸的艺术限制也得到了一些松些改直接影艺术工作者作思与方式。甸首都仰光的艺术组 New Zero Art space 的策展人将为说这些年化,冲及思考。同3 New Zero Art space 艺术工作者 Yin Nan Wai , Nora Thyitar 将现场进行行为艺术表演。

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Artist talk : Busan Indie art space AGIT

Indie space AGIT

Nonprofit organization, Search for and carry out the organization's activation and development methods based on subculture. Setup a sustainable network beyond the boundaries of nationality, ethnicity and religion. Support cultural art activities of culture and social organization. Operate the facilities: gallery, atelier, practice room, recording studio, guesthouse, etc. which supports subculture artist. Running artist in residence program for independent art.


Kun Woo - director of independent art festival " Zero Festival "
The nature people, culture which arises from the relations of the people and community where all the nature, people, culture can be deep-rooted and stand up. Kun woo want to express with subcultures, representative of culture action "Jaminan Boksu" ( Funny Revenge) representative of indie culture space "AGIT".