Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Yogyakarta art trip - Cemeti Art House

Cemeti art house 是日惹其中一间拥有最久历史的独立艺术空间,其创办人是Nindityo Adipurnomo 及其荷兰藉妻子Mella Jaarsma。

从早期的艺术展览,表演艺术,艺术教育,行政到现今也进行艺术家进驻计划及介入社区和社会运动。25年以来Cemeti art house培育及造就了许多印尼当今具有影响力的艺术家。

过去Cemeti art house都是以独立营运的方式进行,而今年才开始以案子的方式和官方艺术机构合作,但始终保有其独立自主。

` Floating a solution against darkness in Long Pasia! '

A group of civil society members from Lightup Borneo have started to help Borneo's interior people to acquire lights since 2 years ago. Their latest creation is a first in Malaysia-a floating hydro that tap kinetic energy of flowing river to generate electricity. This design will be relevant to many interior areas where the long houses are near to rivers but not hill slopes-which conventional hydro generators depend on to generate electricity. Come to see how this creation was installed by villagers desperate for light! 1/3 of Sarawakians live in the dark since formation of Malaysia-a situation many find unconscionable!

Date: 16th January 2014, 8pm
Venue: Lostgens, 8c, jln panggong