Thursday, October 24, 2013

Have a nice dream Lok Ann- by Moelyono

Have a nice dream Lok Ann

I came to Kuala Lumpur for residency on September 29, 2013. Yeoh picked me up at the airport with his car and we drove towards Lostgens Art Space on Jalan Panggung, passing by Lok Ann Hotel and the intersection of Jalan Petaling.

The next day, while I was looking for food in China Town, I passed by Lok An Hotel again, and I saw many people buying noodles at the ground floor of Lok Ann Hotel.

I was informed that there were many people at the coffee shop because Lok Ann hotel, constructed in 1938, will be demolished for the development of MRT.

As a visitor, I was shocked to hear the forced acquisition of a historical heritage hotel. Malaysia is a dream country to work in for Indonesian workers. The image of Malaysia is rich, prosperous and represented by the awe of Twin Towers.

As an artist, demolishment of a historical heritage building is something really wasted and disheartening. This is the paradoxical process of a developing country, chasing after the lifestyle of industrial nations for profit through the building of mass rapid transportation system that bulldozes through cultural heritage which has endured the change of times.

Artists create architectural work, which are recognized and appreciated by the society as icons and identities of a community. Now, in the age of industrialism, status is based on consumerism lifestyle. City icons, cultural creations should not be abandoned or neglected, or being used for political advantage.

My residency will take about a month, creating paintings and installation as a reflection of myself as an artist. Will Indonesia, with its pulse in the capital of Jakarta, suffer the same impact of cultural historical heritage demolishment to make way for the monorail construction? The wave of globalization and industrial lifestyle is now clearly constructing our mind, will we still have dreams to pursue? Have a nice dream Lok Ann.                                                                           by Moelyono