Monday, July 22, 2013

Lostgen's AIR Eddie Choo - July to August 2013

Eddie Choo complete her diploma study at Dasein Academy of Art. Now she working as a freelance artist , at the same time she also involve with Pudu and Petaling street community art project  organize by Lostgen's.

She was the best 5 winner Fashion Activist Art Spool organize MAP publika 2011.

Lostgen's Air - Merlissa Lin July to September 2013

Melissa Lin Shi Min, Born in Malaysian work as artist, astrologer and also a editor / writer for Territory Design Magazine.She study in Fine Art, Academie Minerva, Groningen, The Netherlands and Nightlight Astrology School Certification, Silverspring, Maryland USA .

Merlissa Lin having her 1st solo exhibition 'Serendipity'  at House of Matahati And 2nd Solo “Forrested Trails, spatial Trials”  Galerie Simplon, Groningen, The Netherlands in 2009.
Merlissa has also participated in various art exhibition.