Sunday, February 17, 2013

Concepts and Tendencies in Contemporary Drawing Lectures & workshop by German artist Astrid Köppe

About the artist

Astrid Köppe studied Fine Art at the Braunschweig School of Art from 1992 - 1999 and lives as a full-time artist in Berlin.

About the workshop

In this series of lectures and workshops, we will introduce contemporary drawing practices. The term drawing is used here in the widest sense - including current developments towards interaction with other media. Our intention is to show the possibilities of a - by some - still underestimated artistic field and to widen the perspective as to what is drawing now and what it can be in future.

The events will take place on two weekends. Each session starts with a lecture part which is open to anyone who is interested in contemporary drawing - whereas the continuative workshops are aimed at participants with an at least basic drawing knowledge. It is possible to either attend only the lectures or both lectures and workshops.

During the first weekend, we will see examples of artists with a starting point in the representational - which they then alter and develop in new directions. We will try to trace their ways of thought and work and find some inspirations of our own. At the second weekend we will look at more experimental and alternative approaches to drawing - in terms of concepts as well as techniques. We will test a few of these methods ourselves and experiment with different materials.


23 February, 10am – 1:30pm
24 February, 11am – 4pm
02 and 03 March, 11am – 4pm
Venue: Pertaling street community art space
               8C, Jalan Panggong, Kuala Lumpur

Registration fee per session: RM10

For more information & registration, please contact:
Yeoh  : +6019 683 8397 
Tsuji  : +60163018039