Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2012 The 6th Move on Asia Forum - Time Flowing into the Pacific from the Amur

2012 MOVE ON ASIA 2012 Move on Asia, the largest moving image festival in Asia, involves worldwide traveling exhibitions, forum, publication and website based on the media works by 142 artists of Asia Curator Network archive Move on Asia, which has been held five times since 2004, is a huge-scale moving image festival, now for the first time bringing together 48 Asian curators and 142 media artists from around the world. 

Encompassing whole festivals, the traveling exhibitions of 2012 Move on Asia would take place in China, Hong Kong, Germany, New Zealand and Korea, which is going to present various Asian video arts to analyze and research along with balanced perspective. In addition, it intends to raise alternative discourses on diverse contemporary video art scenes blurring the boundaries of video with other art genres, as well as suggest new directions for Asian moving images. 

Establishing a place to compare art works from each Asian country, the project will provide an opportunity to shed light on 21st century media culture derived from similar but different cultural grounds, discovering Asianness inherent in such bases.


Ade Darmawan (Director, Ruangrupa, Indonesia) 
Alessio Cavallaro (Senior Producer/Curator, New Media Projects, Australia) 
David Teh (Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore, Singapore) 
Ellen Pau (Director, Videotage, Hong Kong) 
Fumihiko Sumitomo (Independent Curator, Japan) 
Guo Xiaoyan (Vice-Director, Minsheng Art Museum, China) 
Gridthiya Gaweewong (Artistic Director, The Jim Thompson Art Center, Thailand)
Hyunseok Seo (Professor, Yonsei Univ., Graduate Schhol of Communication & Art, Korea) Johan Pijnappel (Independent Curator, India) 
Manray Hsu (Independent Curator, Taiwan) 
Nguyen Tri Thi (Director, DocLab, Vietnam) 
Patrick D.Flores (Professor, University of Philippines Dilman, Philippines) 
Yeoh Lian Heng (Curator, Lost Generation Space, Malaysia) 

Curator group
   Move on Asia project director Jinsuk SUH welcome speak

                             Singapore curator David Teh
                              Nguyen Tri Thi Director, DocLab, Vietnam
Presentation by Ade Darmawan director, Ruangrupa, Indonesia
Presentation by Lost Generation art space
Artist talk by china performance artist song dong 

Loop Gallery
                                                       Jinsuk Suh