Monday, July 26, 2010

LGS German Air Program Astrid Köppe

My work consists to a large amount of drawings. For about ten years now, my works on paper have strictly been done in the same size portrait format (A4). Onto these sheets I place my single or group motifs.

I work almost exclusively with things I have actually seen - filtered through my kind of selective perception. What I show is actually a subjective essence of the perceived object. I do not invent forms, but sometimes reduce or exaggerate certain aspects of a thing, or I compare or contrast it with similar shapes. By doing this, already in the process of planning a drawing, several ways of interpretation open up and I try to keep them as open as possible. In the finished works, the motifs can never be fully finished; they remind of something familiar that can scarcely be summed up in words.

The drawings that satisfy me based on objects that are shown settled and unsettled at the same time. This balance between clarity and blur, certainty and uncertainty, interest me. In order to retain their ambivalence, my drawings have no titles."(Astrid Köppe)

Duration air 30July to 30 September 2010