Friday, February 26, 2010

Buka Baju - a symposium & open discussion on performance art

'Buka Baju' is an entree to the main meal, 'Buka Mulut' - a performance art event which will be held at a restaurant the next month. What is performance art? Is it a dance to music you can't hear? Is it when artists take their clothes off and make love to chairs? Is it using fake or real blood and shocking an audience that is half-afraid and half-fascinated? Is it an art movement that began in the west a few decades ago and then spread across to Asia and the rest of the world? Is it stuff you see at current performance art festivals like Freedom of Imagination (Singapore) and Asiatopia (Thailand)? Is it confusing your audience to the maximum level? KO! Powerup! Is it politics? Is it protest? Is it freedom? Is it giving out flowers to the public on the street or is it giving a pillow to the Prime Minister? Why is the art scene so boring right now? Can you get arrested doing performance art? Naked! Naked! Naked!
Let's whet our appetites by uncovering all this and more. Take it off! Presentations, talks and open forum on performance art - what it is, what it isn't, what people have done, what people would like to do, what is possible and what is just... like dat.