Sunday, January 10, 2010

Esther Horn artist in residence 2010

Esther Horn is currently working on nocturnal, light based series of paintings. Photographs, sketches but also moviestills are starting points for night imagery: Petrol-stations, landscapes at night, scarcely illuminated scenarios, which establish ambiguous situations between urban no man´s land, town and desert. The situations become unreal, similar to dreams, memories, a video-stills from security camera or a “film-noir-sceneries”.

‘KL Noir’, the focal point in KL will be photos, sketches and graphics at night. I´m looking forward to delve into this unknown atmosphere of the city and to assimilate impressions with consciously defined media.

Mean Shadow of a god - Site specific installation
DAC gallery Genua 2009
by Esther Horn & Christian Heilig

Duration of residency 4 Jan - 25 Feb 2010

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