Monday, November 15, 2010

'DARKSTRANGE FAMILIARLIGHT' Volker Hamann’s Solo Exhibition

DARKSTRANGE FAMILIARLIGHT, Volker Hamann’s Solo Exhibition will be softly opened on 22 Nov.

Volker Hamann is currently (15 Nov - 15 Dec) – for the second time – the German artist in residence at Lost Generation Space; in 2007 he exhibited together with his Malaysian artist friend Chin Kong Yee at Wei-Ling Gallery and in 2008 he exhibited his wood-sculptures at the Notthatbalai Festival in KL. Most of the Pictures in his current Exhibition were taken during Volker Hamann’s former visits to Malaysia.



Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Art Talk : From Bangun Penang Clan Jetties festival to Pudu Community art project

从Bangun 槟城桥装艺术祭到半山芭社区艺术计划

杨两兴 - 艺术工作者,Lost generation art space 总监。
张吉安 -乡音采集人、《乡音考古.民俗演祭》发起人、爱FM 电台广播人、行为艺术工作者。

座谈会上,主讲人将会以两个安案例-Bangun 槟城桥装艺术祭和KL半山芭社区艺术计划,来和大家分享如何通过艺术文化让大家重新追寻,记录,保存及珍惜先辈在一条老桥及一条老街留下的生活历史痕迹。

本次座谈会将采取随喜乐捐,支持文化付费的方式入场。如有任何疑问,欢迎拨打06-2842686 或 012-6812183咨询详情。

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pudu Comunity art project 半山芭社区艺术计划

A community-based outreach project linking art, humanity and culture


Artist work in studio

Astrid Köppe

Monday, July 26, 2010

LGS German Air Program Astrid Köppe

My work consists to a large amount of drawings. For about ten years now, my works on paper have strictly been done in the same size portrait format (A4). Onto these sheets I place my single or group motifs.

I work almost exclusively with things I have actually seen - filtered through my kind of selective perception. What I show is actually a subjective essence of the perceived object. I do not invent forms, but sometimes reduce or exaggerate certain aspects of a thing, or I compare or contrast it with similar shapes. By doing this, already in the process of planning a drawing, several ways of interpretation open up and I try to keep them as open as possible. In the finished works, the motifs can never be fully finished; they remind of something familiar that can scarcely be summed up in words.

The drawings that satisfy me based on objects that are shown settled and unsettled at the same time. This balance between clarity and blur, certainty and uncertainty, interest me. In order to retain their ambivalence, my drawings have no titles."(Astrid Köppe)

Duration air 30July to 30 September 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Performance art @ Map art festival

Performance Art curator by Yeoh Lian Heng

Performance by Aisyah Baharuddin and Abroco

Title: Is This Love or Burden
Duration: 20-30 minutes

When a child is born, the tie that binds wraps in its folds a world of joy and happiness and hope hitherto unknown. Every child that comes into the world is full of promise and hope. But that promise and that hope can only be realized through love. Take away that love and you will have a wayward child. Today, love is experimentation in human relationship, that’s why abusing children still happen in our society. They don’t understand love, maybe for them it is just a burden.

Performance by Intan Rafizah
Durasi masa:30minit

Isu sebatan yang melibatkan perempuan melayu/islam di malaysia.saya tidak mempersoalkan tentang hak atau hukum tuhan atau agama,tetapi sensetiviti terhadap dimana kesamarataan dalam sisytem yang menjalankan hukum yang tidak seimbang antara lelaki dan perempuan.adanya mentaliti dikalangan kita yang menghukum,menjatuhkan dan ketidakpedulian terhadap individu yang mana sepatutnya memperbaiki,membantu untuk membentuk komuniti yang lebih sihat minda.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Animation workshop

An animation workshop conduct by Emma Ota ( Uk/Japan)

Emma Ota - curator/researcher based in Tokyo
Has been encouraging international exchange between children since 2005 and is a founder of inter-play, an organization which has facilitated visual communication between children in Japan, UK, Canada, Philipines, Thailand and Indonesia.

Workshop result   Clay animation
                             Drawing animation

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

memory of our artist friends Caecar Chong

1974 – 2010
                                                  notthatbalai 2005

                                                    notthatbalai 2004