Friday, December 25, 2009

Angelika Boeck Des 09

The German artist Angelika Boeck is investigating forms of expression, practices, rituals or signs in various cultural contexts (eg. work, art, religion, everyday life) and demonstrating them as means of identifying, recognising, representing, characterising - in short 'portraying' a human being.
The strategy of her research and series of art works, the 'Dialogical Portraits' is the placing of herself as subject to be negotiated and represented through interpretations which are authored by the other cultural system of producers encountered during the field work.

Actually she is realising the fifth project in this series together with sign-readers in Malaysia. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Volker W.Hamann _Nov 2009

Volker W.Hamann (Germany)

work as a fulltime artist for 16 years. He started as a sculptor, after few years, photography also became important for him an his work. As next step he was searching a way, how he can connect sculptures with photography. Followed by his Temporary Lightsculptures, a mix of sculptural aspects and video-art.

Again and again he reaches for the limits of his physical and psychological capacity, he seems to be overtaken by his ideas, giving us the impression of not being fast enough to express his visions, that he is lagging behind in this speedy race, hardly able to sketch tings down in time. Every day is bringing new innovative powers t the fore and be it in workshops, on trips or travels, these powers are close to eruption point.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Evil is all aroud ~ Choo kok choon solo exhibition

Choo Kok Choon (born 1980), currently living and working in Johor Bahru. This is his first solo exhibtion in Kuala Lumpur, that presents his 2009 new series - "Du-Lan Man" and some of his unique life drawing. Kok Choon's artworks is about his horrible thoughts and feeling in everyday life. He tried to figure out the discrepancy between strong and weak, the threatening around us. The word "Du-Lan Man" is from one of the Chinese dialect, means "man of hatred". He intend to depict the dangers and tragedy which could possibly happens in our country, and even to us innocent peasants. We are indeed trapped in a horrible place!

朱国俊,毕业于澳洲塔斯马尼亚大学纯美科系,主修绘画;回国后持续不断埋首于他艰辛的创作中。由于国俊有视障问题,视力无法集中,只能用其微弱的视力来辨别 描绘,所以在创作的大小上有所侷限。然而,他却将其集中力堆积在脑里,再浑身解数地释放在画笔上。他怪诞的谬想有意无意地揭露市井小民的抑郁与悲哀。并将 真实的自我毫无保留地摊开在画面上。这种混合了幻想与现实,黑色鬼魅的手法虽每每在揭开自己心里的苦闷与恐惧,却也同时向这世界提出了质疑。
2009 年的最新力作-小不点人物 "Du-Lan Man"。此文来自中文方言,带有“厌恶”之意。此创作主题在于表现我们身处于国内所受到的生活危害与灾难的威胁,尤其画家所居住的城市新山,无辜老百姓 们生活在惶恐当中与别无选择地面对。 笔下的Du-Lan Man孤立无援,寂寞惶恐;时而手持枪械,是为攻击抑或防卫?既强悍又脆弱,既矛盾又坚持。黑色太阳笼罩大地,受委屈的小小路人着黑色衣服,画家朱国俊所 描绘的灰暗面一再表现其生活的无力感,却又可看出他对生活的执著。

Naima Dell'ava

Naima Dell'ava Italian music-arts therapist and performer, she used to work with children, handicap people, victims of torture of war, victims of sexual abuses in different realities like slums, refugee and gipsy camps, south american’s favelas.  She performed in  different contexts in festival and streetfestival around Italy, France, Spain, U.S.A., Argentina and India and she was a member of the companies  “The Living Theatre” and “Malamurga” . 


Duration of residence July to October2009
An artist residency program Support by Lostgen arts space

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

George Paul Wielgus _2007-2009

Between December 2007 and September 2009 George Paul Wielgus was a resident artist at the Lost Generation Art Space in Taman Seputeh, Kuala Lumpur. During his stay there he participated in a broad variety of events and activities, focusing on his specialist area of community theatre and spoken word. As well as regularly organising events, he used the center as a base for his work with people’s theatre company Fallen Leaves, directing and coordinating a training programme which took a group of recovering drug users and people living with HIV on a national tour of peninsular Malaysia and Sabah, performing devised stories about their experiences to over 5000 people in over 50 seperate performances and workshops. He championed the development of forum theatre as a medium for generating discussion and activation around taboo subjects such as drug use and sex work.

In addition to his direction of Fallen Leaves, George performed onstage numerous times at the KLPac open mike theatre event The Platform staging original devised pieces with Nurul Hamizah Mohamed and The Civilly Disobedient. These pieces received rave responses from audience members as examples of boundary-stretching experimental theatre. He also worked in local schools developing syllabuses of speech and drama for younger teenagers.

George’s onstage presence was especially successful in the field of performance poetry and spoken word, and during his time in Malaysia he won three poetry slams and one in Singapore. The New Straits Times called him ‘the undisputed champion’ and a ‘gripping performer’. In addition to numerous street corners and punk gigs, his onstage poetry persona Mighty Jah-J! also appeared at Indiependent Arts Festival in Penang in 2008, the Singapore Young Writer’s Festival in June 2009 with young Malaysian poetry group The Lost Poets, of which he was a founder and organiser along with Elaine Foster. He published a zine in 2008 in association with the RiceCooker (Ignore the War), was included in Poetry Underground’s Voices From The Underground. His writing also appeared on Malaysian Poetry Chronicles.

The culmination of George’s residency came with his involvement in Bangun Art Project 2009 on the Clan Jetties in Penang. A follow-up to Bangun Project 2008, which George also performed and presented an installation, the week-long festival featured workshops and performances on the world heritage site in Georgetown. During this week, George performed, assisted the Fallen Leaves Theatre Company, video-documented, screened footage and operated as Project Manager.

Residency dates: 2007 to 2009
An artist residency program Support by Lostgen arts space

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dean Linguey _May - June 2009


Dean Linguey’s art language utilises sound, video and sculptural/installation elements and is informed by his experience as a physical performer and sound artist. His works usually explores the relationships between the body and the built world and the effects upon the individual. Dean has conducted workshops in sound and performance for The Melbourne City Mission, Australia and as a guest lecturer/facilitator for performance studies at Victoria University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia. Graduating from RMIT University (Melbourne) in Sculpture (Honours)and Sound he has exhibited and performed in Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. In 2009, Dean is the Asialink Visual Arts Residency Artist at Lost Generation Space in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
This is an Asialink Project funded by the Australia Council and the Australian High Commission, Kuala Lumpur.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Klue urbanscapes 2009 - The city’s all-day arts festival

Urbanscapes is organised by Klue and is the first and only all-day “user-generated” creative arts festival. Bringing together communities and participants from the fields of music, arts, fashion/lifestyle and film under a single banner, Urbanscapes aims to showcase the best of the local scene.

an Installation by Tsuji Lam & Yeoh Lian Heng
Title : Because they wear black on may 7

Monday, June 1, 2009

House Warming- new lost generation arts space opening


Lost generation arts space has relocated to a terrace in Taman Seputeh, but is continuing its mandate of independent homegrown arts curation with this first event.
The aim of this event is to encourage further connection and cooperation between our resident artists from Australia and the local artists, as well as introducing our new LostGenSpace has relocated to a terrace in Taman Seputeh, but is continuing its mandate of independent homegrown arts curation with this first event.