Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Residency artist talk by Shiro Masuyama

Artist Talk by Shiro Masuyama

Date: 7 March 2018
Time : 8:00 pm

Shiro Masuyama is an international resident artist in Lostgens’ Contemporary Art Space with the long term fellowship of The Japan Foundation Asia Center. During his residency in Lostgens’ until 31rd March, he is going to develop his new ideas with responding to the environment of the Lostgens’ and Kuala Lumpur. In his talk event he will introduce himself with showing his previous activities.

He is originally from Japan. He was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1971. He lived in Berlin, Germany from 2004 for 6 years. And he has been based in Belfast, Northern Ireland since 2010. Since 2013 he has become a studio holder and co-director of Flax Art Studios, Belfast. He has studied architecture to masters degree level and his art projects therefore have been influenced by this, and mainly manifest as site-specific interventions.

Over the last 16 years Shiro has developed his professional practice through participating in a diverse range of artist residencies worldwide including Millennium Court Arts Centre, Northern Ireland (2014-2015) ; MMCA - National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, South Korea (2008); IMMA – Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland (2006) ; Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany (2004-2005) ; ISCP – International Studios & Curatorial Programme, New York, USA (2002-2003).

He is driven by a fascination and desire to develop art works in relation to how he can survive, communicate and make art outside Japan. Having settled in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2010, Shiro’s practice has become far more exposed to Irish / British (Northern Irish) culture and society. His practice has become more performative in response to his need to understand his physical living environment.

Residency project support by Asia Center / Japan Foundation

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Oh! ‘Rupanya’ Cinta Itu Bunga. Solidarity Festival, Art, Artivism, Collectivism.

Oh! ‘Rupanya’ Cinta Itu Bunga. Solidarity Festival,
Art, Artivism, Collectivism.
Lostgens & Moutou
Jalan Panggung
3 March - 18 March

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Maranundak - Exhibition by Filippa Pettersson

Opening Date: 14 October 2017 (Sat)
Time: 7 pm – 10 pm
Exhibition Duration : 14 October -28 October 2017
Time: 1pm -7pm

Artist Bio
Filippa Pettersson, born 1987 in Södermanland, Sweden, living in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Student at the Städelschule 2009-2015. Working in the fields of installation, sculpture, sound and performance.

There are so many ways to do Maranundak, different families have different ways of celebrating it. I’m from the south-east, and here we always get the puppet from the Slandan (our temple) before a person is passing away. We put the puppet next to the dying person and in the moment of death, the spirit of the person will enter the puppet. During Maranundak we keep the puppet with us. We treat it in the same way we used to care for our loved one, it sits with us on the dinner table, we give it a bath in the morning, we put it to bed at night… Some conservative families even take the puppet with them when they leave the house but my family is not that traditional. When we did Maranundak for my grandmother and we left the house, we would place grandmother-puppet in a chair with a newspaper and a cup of tea. That’s something she always used to do and enjoy. I remember how the conversations used to flow between us when we had grandmother-puppet with us. How is it- does grandma like to sleep in this position? It’s two spoons of sugar in her tea right? Turn off that music, you know she doesn’t like it! I think that the three weeks we spent with grandmother-puppet made me honor my grandmother in a sincere way, it made me remember how she really was like, not only the sweet and nice things about her but also the annoying ones… And it made me focus on some memories and moments I once had with her instead of completely surrender to the sadness of her being gone.

On the last day of Maranundak we have the funeral for the body, and in the evening we throw the Farewell-party with the puppet. During the night everyone will take turns to go up to the puppet to take an inhale from the mouth. In that way we take a small part of the spirit inside ourselves and we all start to behave, talk and sound a bit like this person because we have a part of their spirit inside of us. I used to find it scary but nowadays I really like it. It’s a last chance to talk to the one who has died, to ask and sort things out, to express thoughts and emotions. At the very end of the night, we all go through a breathing ceremony to send the spirit out of us. Sometimes people collapse from it but actually it’s not really harmful. They just faint for a short moment because of the intensity of the spirit leaving their body.
After the Farewell-party we return the puppet to the Slandan. The puppet is reused by other families for the same purpose until it’s too worn out. Then it will also be buried, but in a specific corner of the cemetery. When a new puppet has been crafted we usually gather for a small celebration. We all tie threads around the puppet, because the more hands that have been part of crafting the grid, the stronger it will be. In that way the spirit will be safe and comfortable inside the puppet until it is the right moment for the spirit to leave.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Artist Talk: Spirits of the past - fantasies and investigations on present and future ghosts

Artist Talk:

Spirits of the past - fantasies and investigations on present and future ghosts

A new point zero in time has been created. Humanity as we know it is gone and a new world of creatures inhabit Earth. On their journeys they sometimes come across objects from <0 .="" a="" about="" and="" arise.="" assumptions="" br="" brand="" collected="" facts="" fantasies="" from="" new="" objects="" of="" past="" spirits="" the="" these="" various="" world=""> During this session, we will collectively reflect on present ghosts as well as fantasize about ourselves as restless spirits of the future. What is the function of ghosts in our present society? What rituals do we perform to create peace with / for disharmonic souls? What kind of souls will inhabit a future, spiritual world and why did they get there?

Artist Bio

Filippa Pettersson *1987 in Södermanland, Sweden, living and working in Frankfurt am Main. Student at the Städelschule 2009-2015. Recent projects include ‘Ikh bin a kleyner dreydl, gemakht bin ikh fun blay’, a sculpture for a public memorial-site in Frankfurt am Main, and ‘Eftervaro’, a solo exhibition at gallery Mors Mössa, Göteborg, Sweden.


An AIR exchange project collaboration by Goethe-Institut Malaysia/ Basis Frankfurt/ Lostgens KL.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Lostgens' 學社:藝術哲學2


第一課 中國藝術精神緒論
第二課 天人合一
第三課 道家空間1-山水畫
第四課 道家空間2-氣論
第五課 書法美學
第六課 中國與抽象繪畫
第七課 中國人物畫要旨
第八課 中國人格美學
第九課 甚麼是意境1
第十課 甚麼是意境2
第十一課 志怪-鬼與美學1
第十二課 志怪-鬼與美學2





開課:15/8/2017 -31/ 10/ 2017 (每逢星期二)
時間:8:00pm -10:00pm
地點: Lostgens‘ 當代藝術空間
8c, Jln Panggung, 50000 KL.

We Will Not Be Moved

Community Discussion

We Will Not Be Moved: Fighting Urban Displacement in New York's Chinatown

How is displacement happening in New York's Chinatown today? What is being done to fight it? What is the role of art in that struggle? How does this connect to Petaling Street?

Join us for a discussion with Huiying B. Chan, a Chinese American poet and community organizer from New York City. Huiying will share stories of Chinese immigrants fighting against evictions and landlord harassment to preserve a changing Chinatown. They will also connect this to Chinese diaspora communities globally from their current project studying Chinatowns around the world.


Huiying B. Chan 陳慧瑩 is a soft dandelion born and raised in NYC. Huiying is rooted in New York's Chinatown has worked with tenants to fight urban displacement both through organizing and the arts with the Chinatown Art Brigade and CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities. This past year, Huiying received a Traveling Fellowship from Wellesley College to study Chinatowns around the world documenting stories of migration. This is part of their greater project exploring ideas of "home." They have been traveling solo for the past 11 months living in and meeting Chinese communities in Peru, Cuba, South Africa, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia.

You can find their writing on:

Tuesday, May 30, 2017




在現代美學中,詩人以自刎作為自己最終的歸宿,似乎成了一整個時代的藝術時尚。梵谷,海明威,吳爾芙,三島由紀夫,川端康成,KURT COBAIN......等等。





開課:11/4/2017 -27/ 6/ 2017 (每逢星期二)
時間:8:00pm -10:00pm
地點: Lostgens‘ 當代藝術空間
8c, Jln Panggung, 50000 KL.

Monday, May 15, 2017







祖籍福建安溪,生於馬來西亞首都吉隆玻。國立臺灣大學歷史系畢,馬來亞大學中文研究所碩士,中國廈門大學歷史學博士。現為新紀元大學學院馬來西亞歷史研究中心主任、新紀元大學學院中文系高級講師、中國華僑大學華僑華人文獻資料研究中心兼職研究員。著有《許雲樵評傳》(新加坡八方國際出版社,2014)、《馬新史學80年——從南洋研究到華人研究(1930-2009)》(上海三聯,2011)、《華校教總及其人物(1951-2005)》(馬來西亞,2006)、《華教歷史與人物論集》(馬來西亞,2006)等書。曾參與中國之《世界華僑華人百科全書》、新加坡之Southeast Asian Personalitise of Chinese Descent: A Biographical Dictionary和馬來西亞之《馬來西亞華裔人物志》的撰寫;編著有《馬來西亞史》;編有《直涼華人志暨資料彙編》、《張禮千文集》、《許雲樵來往書信集》、《百年尊孔大事紀年稿》和《沈慕羽資料彙編》系列叢書,有七十餘篇學術論文發表於國內外。研究興趣是東南亞史和華僑華人。

開課:15/6/2017 -31/ 8/ 2017 (每逢星期四)
時間:8:00pm -10:00pm
地點: Lostgens‘ 當代藝術空間
8c, Jln Panggung, 50000 KL.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

AIR_Frankfurt: Open Call for visual artists

Kuala Lumpur and Frankfurt/ Main created a three-month residency exchange program for young Malaysian artists. The residency of the Malysian artist takes place in October, November and December 2017 with project partner Basis e.V. in the city of Frankfurt, Germany.
The project partners are The City of Frankfurt, basis.e.V, Lostgens Contemporary Art Space and the Goethe-Institut Malaysia. The program aims to foster international interaction between Frankfurt and Malaysian artists. The idea is, in the course of three-month artist residencies, for artists from Malaysia and Frankfurt to have an opportunity to attain new artistic input abroad, creating new work and building their international network.

This program is intended for young artists who live and work in Malaysia. The artists should be highly qualified and successful graduates of an art college. To be fluent in English is a further requirement. Applicants are selected by a jury appointed by the relevant city. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
The Residency

The residency program provides the chosen artist with the flight costs, accommodation, a studio and a monthly grant of EUR 1000.

Applicants are selected by a panel of juries appointed by the relevant city. An independent jury awards up to five candidates and proposes them to the partner-city, Frankfurt. The director of the program at the partner-city selects one artist out of the five nominees.

How to Apply
Malaysian artists may apply for the Artist in Residence Program by submitting a detailed
application to Goethe-Institut Malaysia. A complete application consists of:

• A letter of motivation with date and signature
• Artist Bio and CV
• The application form with work samples and a description of site-specific projects, if planned.

Applications need to be handed in by postal service in hard copy as well as digitally via e-mail. Your application is classed as complete only when all accompanying documentation has also arrived.
Postal address and contact:

Goethe Institut Malaysia
Suite 06-07, 6th Floor,
374 Jalan Tun Razak,
Kuala Lumpur, 50400, Malaysia
+60 3-2164 2011
Subject: AIR_Frankfurt-Kuala Lumpur

Application Deadline: 15 June 2017

Application form download: