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Friday, October 18, 2019

How artist collective and alternative space survive without proper supporting system, case study Hysteria Collective at Semarang- Indonesia

Artist Talk:
How artist collective and alternative space survive without proper supporting system, case study Hysteria Collective at Semarang- Indonesia)

Ahmad Khairudin ( Indonesia )

Currently based in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia, he is the director for Hysteria an art space in Semarang, Indonesia. He did his MA in Antropology in Indonesia and Sastra Indonesia which is Indonesian Literature in FIB.

He was the main role manager for Biennale Jogja XI – Jogjakarta in 2012, as well as an archive organizer in Indonesian Visual Art Archive – Jogjakarta. He gave many talks and curated multiple shows and project too. In 2017, he was the keynote speaker for the Regional Conference on Social City – Aspiration of an Urban Transformation in Asia: Session 4- Civil Participation and Engagement, Jakarta, curated an art exhibition involving the villagers of Purwodinatan in Semarang in the year 2015.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Artist Talk : Sarah Schodere

Kuala Lumpur / Frankfurt AIR Exchange Program 2019
Goethe-Institut KL / Lostgens contemporary ArtSpace KL
/ Basis Frankfurt .

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

《「鬼」哲學 》 

《「鬼」哲學 》 









第一課 導論
第二課 鬼的形態之現象學分析
第三課 論鬼的命名——靈體與形式(一)
第四課 論鬼的命名——靈體與形式(二)
第五課 論陰陽眼之哲學問題
第六課 論靈體俯身之主體性問題(一)
第七課 論靈體俯身之主體性問題(二)
第八課 論鬼的本質之形上學探討


<天堂與地獄> 史威登堡 Emanuel Swedenborg


開課:13/8/2019 -1/ 10/ 2019 (每逢星期二)
時間:8:00pm -10:30pm
地點: Lostgens‘ 當代藝術空間
8c, Jln Panggung, 50000 KL.

学费: Rm 200
单堂课 Rm 30

請將學費存入 Maybank
然後將存入單、姓名及聯络 Email 到

Artist Talk Sarah Schoderer

Kuala Lumpur / Frankfurt AIR Exchange Program 2019
Goethe-Institut KL / Lostgens contemporary ArtSpace KL
/ Basis Frankfurt .

Artist Statement

I was born in the south of Germany, but i am raised near Frankfurt and in Frankfurt- then i have studied fine arts at the art academies in Frankfurt and Mainz/Germany untill 2011. Since then i am working as a freelancer and i have done art projects in Germany, Kenya, Belgium, Croatia and Tunisia. I am working mainly in the field of painting, but i am also making sculpturs aswell as a few movies. I see myself as a conceptual working artist but with a strong focus on visual forms and especially painting. In my paintings aswell as in my sculpturs i have been reflecting on different aspects of contemporary society: formerly i have criticized the culture of consume in the western society but i also have been interested in beauty ideals aswell as latest i have reflected on the process of painting and creating as such: I have made sculptures out of paintings and then i have created paintings and these objects became the motives/subjects of these paintings.

Specificly about my paintings: i wanted to create a relief-like surface when i use colors. So my works are at the same time paintings but also sculptures „plastics“. Very often the space in the „background“ is dissolved within structures of colors: only the objects create a space or plasticity somehow.

I am not dealing with the „reality“ as such but much more with processes of translations which take place between art and reality. I am not sure wether it is more relevant as to relate directly to reality; to question reality or to document it is not what concerns me too much. I rather deal with reflexions of connections between history and present, between forms of art and life itself, phenomenons of the present which can only be expressed freely through art. I would say i have the ability to really see spaces within colors. i m very much keen to get to know sociological knowledge about people and places i have been or i will be able to visit.

Artist Links:


2. / Sarah Schoderer

Date: 21 July 2019
Time: 4pm
Venue: Lostgens' Contemporary Artspace
8c Jalan Panggung
Admission free

Saturday, May 4, 2019

CTRL + ____ . A group exhibition

CTRL + ____ . A group exhibition by Emily, Car Chuan, Kah Wah, Yi Henn and Lim Jing.
Exhibition Motive:
Being a fresh grad, we learned a lot about ourselves during our time in college. Which led us to this exhibition as a finale for a part of our live before all of us goes on a different path. For the first time we felt free to do what we are interested in without being controlled and confused. Daily encounters had inspired our works for this exhibition, from discussing personal thinking to everyday problems and rules.

1. Emily Chow Wen Qi (b. 1998, Selangor, Malaysia)

Emily explores different techniques to document the tactility of different materials and incorporate them into the making of her art. She also finds social media interesting where people can be anonymous at the same time have a voice. As she observes anonymous opinion on social media, she found an interest in what people think and how they react differently to things. For her works she tries to interpret the different kind of thinking by combining different kind of methods and material together.

2. Lim Car Chuan (b. 1995, Selangor, Malaysia)

Car Chuan is currently based in Kuala Lumpur. He attended Malaysian Institute of Art and received a Diploma in Fine Art in December 2018. He is interested and is always exploring the perception of time.

3. Lok Kah Wah (b. 1996, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

I work is influenced by the view what I saw with my vision. By using painting mediums, I found it’s challenging and interesting to present my works due to my color weakness.

4. Teo Yi Henn (b. 1998, Johor, Malaysia)

I have been practicing visual art since I started studying Fine Art in Malaysian Institute of Art. I finished my study in December 2018. Most of my works are drawing and painting of my self-portrait. I currently live and work in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

5. Lim Jing (b. 1998, Perak, Malaysia)

Lim Jing is a multidisciplinary artist based in Kuala Lumpur. Their early works mostly discussed about the ownerships and fluidity of identities in living space and cyber space. While they was attempting to coordinate and identify their roles in the society, they started to perceive that people and system are always consuming each other. Such vice versa relation, that ended up aiming nothing but itself like an Ouroboros, has become an aesthetics to them in their recent work.

Date: 6/5/19 - 19/5/19, Close on Mondays
Operating time: 11 AM - 6 PM

Opening on 5th May, 7 PM till midnight
Light refreshment provided

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Kelab Bangsar Utama X Lostgens': Jelajah Kempen Anak Tanpa Negara

Dengan kerjasama Kelab Bangsar Utama dan Lostgens serta Buku Jalanan Chow Kit, Jelajah Kempen Anak Tanpa Negara akan singgah di Lostgens untuk Bicara Kemanusiaan yang bertajuk "Pendidikan Anak Marginal".

Bicara akan mengupas tentang isu-isu pendidikan dalam kalangan anak-anak marginal, cabaran-cabaran yang dihdapi serta cadangan solusi masa hadapan untuk anak-anak ini.

Kali ini, bicara akan disampaikan oleh:
+ Mukmin Nantang (guru Sekolah Alternatif)
+ Huda Ahmad (penyelidik)
+ Siti Rahayu Baharin (guru Buku Jalanan Chow Kit)

16/4/2019, hari Selasa jam 8 malam di Lostgens.

Jemput hadir semua, rakyat Malaysia!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

His works and Sa Sa Art Project + Cambodia Art Scene

Lim Sokchanlina
Base in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Lina will talk about some of his preview works, his recent travel and research about Cambodian Migrant Worker in Asia (A conversation). He will also talk briefly about his collective art space "Sa Sa Art Project" and Cambodia art scene.

Lim Sokchanlina works across documentary and conceptual practices with photography, video, side specific installation and performance. Using different strategies, he calls attention to a variety of social, political, geopolitics, cultural, economic and environmental changes in Cambodia in relation to the globe.
Lim is a founding and active member of the artist collective Stiev Selapak / Art Rebels (2007- ), who co-founded Sa Sa Art Projects, a community-based, knowledge-sharing platform and experimental residency program (2010- ).

Sa Sa Art Project
Phnom Penh city, Cambodia

Sa Sa Art Projects is a Cambodian artist-run space dedicated to experimental and critical contemporary art practices. It was founded in 2010 by the Cambodian arts collective Stiev Selapak and operated from the historic and vibrant apartment complex known as the White Buildinguntil 2017, when the building was demolished for new development.
At its new location, Sa Sa Art Projects has shifted toward a stronger engagement with Cambodian young artists and art graduates while continuing to build a deeper dialogue with artists within Asia through its creative education programs, exhibitions, its signature Pisaot artist residency, and other special collaborative projects.
Sa Sa Art Projects is an experimental mechanism which addresses Cambodia's lack of infrastructure for contemporary art education and engagement by creating space for critical discussion. We believe that by not being bound to a rigid organisational structure, Sa Sa Art Projects is able to evolve organically to adapt to the changing context and needs of the communities with which we work.

Sunday, March 31, 2019



戰後的1950年代,正是新馬中文電影事業發展的重要時代。雖然當時英殖民政府以打擊馬共為名,組成了馬來亞製片組 (Malayan Film Unit),推廣“馬來亞化” 的政治宣傳影片;但在另一方面,電懋、光藝、國泰、邵氏等外資電影公司也正極力将其影視皇朝拓展至馬來亞,呈現了另一種有異於馬來亞本地製片組所表述的馬來亞聲音,建構了“南來” 視野當中的馬來亞想像版圖。




20- 21. 04. 2019 (六、日)
2pm - 6pm

- 冷戰時期的新馬電影文化市場
- 香港、新馬的影視遊藝場
- 香港、新馬電影的音樂與歌舞文化
- 官方語言政策對新馬影視格局的影響

報名方式 請將學費存入 Lost generation gallery 514114444696 Maybank, 然後將存入單、姓名及聯络 Email 到

地點 8c, Jalan Panggong, 50000 Kuala Lumpur.

學費 一般公眾人士 RM 200;在籍學生 RM 150
( 2天課程共8小時,含茶點 )